Our Values

The Service...

Us Italian women have a habit of letting our passion speak volumes and we demonstrate this in everything we do. We believe throwing 110% into every event, drink or plate of food we can make our clients feel at ease and ensure your event is the best it can be.

We like to think we’re an honest duo, so we aim to be as transparent as possible with our clients so you can rest assured that all the details about your event will be discussed with you in full before the final payment.
Also no one likes hidden fees, so we don’t have any of those!

Our Environment...

No one likes the thought of that one ‘forgot my reusable at home but desperate for a coffee’ coffee cup out living us, so we have tried our absolute best to limit the amount of waste we produce as a business and as individuals.


Now it’s inevitable that every event will produce waste of some sort, but our aim is to limit the definite impact we may have on the planet. We do this through sourcing bio disposables such as wooden cutlery and palm leaf plates for our food catering options, a completely compostable option which usually decompose within 3 months.

For our bar however we have opted for fully recycled/recyclable plastics. Now you may ask why not compostable plastics? Well, a lot of ‘bioplastics’ are compostable under ‘certain conditions’. In short bio plastics made for commercial use must be composted industrially and cannot go in your normal compost bin. If not sent away to be composted, bio plastics can be equally as pollutant as virgin plastics. Fully recyclable plastics is easily disposable and we’re never too far from our nearest orange bin.

Our Drinks...

Quality Drinks

It is important to us that our stock reflects the best spirits and mixers on the market. Although we are completely customisable and if you fancy something in particular for your event we will try our absolute hardest to try and obtain it.
Some of our premium spirits include;

Check out our extensive stock list for your favourites.

Conscious Collection

It is important to represent as many unique brands who are also making a difference in their industry in regards to environment and sustainability. We are proud to stock brands such as Sea Change Wine who contribute to ocean conservation with every purchase. We also work with Willow Tree Gin who is a small distillery in Sandy Bedfordshire, a mere stone throw away from us so can’t get any more local that that!

Our Food

Sourcing Ingredients

The food we produce is always sourced and cooked with the highest standard. Our sourdough pizzas are made by us from our family owned pizzeria in Bedford and all ingredients are sourced locally to us from fruit and veg vendors and quality butchers we trust.

As part of our celebration favours & gift collection we offer a bespoke handmade chocolate truffle collection from Dani’s Pantry. Now, let’s get one thing straight.. Dani is serious about her chocolate, you might as well call her Willy Wonka but I fear that might be a trade mark issue…
We will only source chocolate that has significant standards to enforcing fare trade to the farmers and within the communities where cocoa is produced. The chocolate used in our products are also marked as single origin, which means that each bag comes from one area or country and is never mixed with any other cocoa as a way to ‘cheapen’ it.